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Think Jaws was scary? Wait until you meet Mamlambo

To the locals near the  Mzintlava river in Africa, it is known as the Brain sucker, It has been known to terrorize its unsuspected victims in a bizarre way, It is only known to bite off they’re head or crush off the top of the cranium removing the brains leaving the rest of the corpse fully intact.

Witnesses have described its torso like that of a crocodile in appearance and having the skull-shaped structure of an equine shape of the cranium. It has been said that the cryptid creature has glowing green eyes and it even has the power to mesmerize you into entering the waters to your death. It even has a glow like a jellyfish.

Could Mamlambo simply be myth and folklore, possibly an undiscovered cousin of the angler fish, or could Mamlambo truly be a brain-sucking horror dwelling beneath the dark depths of the African rivers?

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