/The Return of Hellier

The Return of Hellier

Hobgoblins, aliens, UFO’s, Mothman, inter-dimensional beings, minor Greek Gods, Hellier season 2 has it all. If you watched Hellier season 1 and enjoyed it, you are in for a treat, as season 2 ramps up the spooky. Personally, I enjoyed the first season. Many did not. A lot of people were put off by the fact that it really didn’t have too much going on… and of course, the investigators never found hobgoblins. That’s what I liked about the show. It didn’t try to artificially hype things up. It was an honest depiction of chasing the paranormal. Sometimes, brilliant things happen. And sometimes, they just don’t. Even when they don’t, you can still gather so much information. It was a breath of fresh air from the typical ghost shows where drama is manufactured and little is to be believed.

So when I saw that Hellier season 2 was out, I was thoroughly excited. Would they find something this time? Would they stay true to their roots, being an open, honest documentary about chasing the paranormal? Well, kind of. Season 2 wasn’t bad. It was just very slow taking off. For several episodes, pretty much all we see is Greg, Dana, Connor, Karl and Strand just sitting around hypothesizing while talking about really cool books and Greek mythology, which should be no surprise, given the first season. Then, it gets better.

The gang breaks out the SB7 spirit box and performs the Estes method, which Connor and Karl invented while investigating the infamous Stanley Hotel. By the way, if you’ve not seen Karl and Connors’ series, “The Spirits of the Stanley,” you should. The results of the Estes method are nothing short of amazing. One person sits blindfolded with noise-isolating headphones on, while an SB7 spirit box is fed into the headphones. Questions are asked, while the “receiver” cannot hear or see the people asking the questions. Somehow, they seem to get direct answers from the spirit world. It’s believed that the resulting trance-like state of using the Estes method aids in the “receiver” actually channeling the spirits.

As the show continues on, the group begins to get the idea that they are pawns in some type of magical initiation ritual. They meet with Allen Greenfield and John E.L. Tenney, who both agree. They quote passages from “The Book of the Law” by Alistair Crowley, as well as quite a few other paranormal books. They attempt to decipher codes that at times seem to make no sense at all. I can’t say that I followed or believed everything that happened, but I don’t think they’re making it up. I think they are genuinely following their own path through the supernatural.

At times, the season seemed all over the place with so many different topics being followed and discussed, but they almost always seemed to lead back to Indrid Cold or the minor Greek God, Pan. I am interested to see where they go in the next season, assuming there is one. If nothing else, it is good entertainment, and I added quite a few more books to my reading list. Thanks guys.