/Thai Group Claims to Communicate with Aliens Through Portal

Thai Group Claims to Communicate with Aliens Through Portal

Residents of Thailand are flocking to this Buddhist statue on a remote hilltop in Khao Kala in Nakhin Sawan. Khao Kala translates into “City of Heaven,” and sits in a sugar plantation just three hours north of Bangkok. The statue depicts the Buddha protected by a mythical seven headed naga. Believers claim that the statue hides a portal that allows aliens from pluto and elsewhere to travel through dimensions to visit Earth.

Believers claim that the entities communicate with people who enter a deep meditation. Once this deep state of meditation is reached, the beings communicate inside the person’s head. They communicate in the language in which that person speaks. Some have reported actually seeing the aliens, who are very thin, bipedal humanoids with a large head and a single antennae. The beings are also said to have large, black, almond-shaped eyes, a tiny mouth, and a very thin nose. They look very similar to the classic gray aliens. Others report seeing colorful space ships and flying saucers.

Those who believe, say there are two types of aliens that communicate through this portal. One type is from Pluto. The other is from a planet called Lokukatapakadikong, or Loku for short. The aliens from Pluto are made of energy and do not have a defined physical body as we do. They are more like a gas than a physical body. They can appear in a physical form so that humans can see them. They like to teach humans. The aliens from Lokukatapakadikong do have a physical body and possess advanced technology.

No one knew about the strange portal at Khao Kala until 1997, when retired Sergeant-Major Cherd Chuensamnaun, deep in meditation, claims to have received mental messages from the aliens. He told his family, who didn’t believe him at first. The next day, he was able to prove to his family that he really had been contacted by aliens. His daughter, Wassana, says that the aliens sent energy to spin her father and his brother-in-law. They were thrown up into the air and both spun for quite awhile and spun right outside of the house. Wassana’s sister-in-law says she saw a UFO through a window during this time. Later, through meditation, Wassana claims that the aliens told her of the portal at Khao Kala.

Since then, Wassana has become an advocate for the aliens and is part of about 100 people who have formed a group devoted to talking with the aliens through meditation. What really sets the group apart though, is that instead of the usual paranoid conspiracy theorists, this group consists of mostly professional people with college degrees. The group, called Kaokala Coordination for Disasters Warning Group, practices strict Buddhism, which is what they believe attracts the aliens. They believe the aliens are strict Buddhists with the utmost virtue. According to Wassana, the leader of the aliens from Pluto said, “Buddha was “the greatest human mind, and never spoke to humans about paying attention to extraterrestrials, or about trying to communicate with them, but did tell followers to embrace the cosmic laws.”

The aliens have communicated many things with the group, such as that World War III will break out in 2022. Not to worry though, they say they will help a select group of survivors. According to the aliens, only 30% of the world will survive. The aliens from Pluto are very concerned that nuclear explosions may affect their home planet. They also say that they do not eat, due to their small mouths, but swallow energy capsules. They don’t have defined sexes like we do. They also say that there is a galactic federation in space that is like the United Nations here on Earth, and that the time 11:17 is sacred.

Although the group is mostly benevolent, local authorities are not having it. They say that the land the portal sits on belongs to the government and that the group and other visitors are destroying the natural foliage and wild life by building restrooms and other buildings on the protected land and camping. They recently raided the hill and no one has been able to sleep on it since. Although they’re no longer allowed to meditate under the statue for long periods of time like they did before, Wassana says that this may actually work out better since they don’t really need the portal to communicate with the aliens. All they need is to relax and achieve a deep meditation and the aliens still come through.

The Thai public has mixed feelings about the group. Some believe that they are crazy. Some believe that the group may just be onto something. Since most of the population are Buddhists, quite a few people take offense that the group associates Buddhism with a wacky concept like aliens. They believe it gives Buddhism a bad name. So far though, the group seems to be peaceful and is geared towards making humanity better and helping others. So whether that message comes from aliens or not, we could all take a page out of their book. Oh yes, there is one. The group has written a 134 page book, titled “Messages from Extraterrestrials.”