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Silpho Moor Saucer Rediscovered After 50 Years

In 1957, the U.K. press was fascinated what some believed to be a “flying saucer” found in Silpho Moor near Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. Originally discovered by three locals just three weeks after Russia had launched the first satellite into orbit, Sputnik.

The saucer was reported to have a copper bottom covered in heiroglyphics, similar to what was reported a decade earlier at Roswell by US papers. Once the object was inspected, officials began to chop the “saucer” into smaller parts for future examination, but in the decades to follow the object’s original pieces were lost on record.

Now, over fifty years later the pieces may have turned up in the London Science Museum’s archive.

Originally, the experts who studied the Silpho Moor Saucer determined that it had no unique properties and had never been out of Earth’s atmosphere. The saucer had been a hoax discovered to contain a small box covered in even more hieroglyphics, which one local had claimed to decipher as a warning about atomic war.

Now that pieces have been rediscovered, archivists from the museum are moving to put them on display due to their cultural impact and strange part in British history.

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