/Move Over Annabelle, a New Possessed Doll Wants to Burn Your Eyes Out

Move Over Annabelle, a New Possessed Doll Wants to Burn Your Eyes Out

Grace, a doll believed to be possessed by an evil witch from the 1600s

Pretty much everyone has heard of Annabelle, the possessed doll that “conjured,” pun intended, a series of movies and is kept in the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut. But now there’s a new girl in town. Meet Grace, the doll who casually wants to burn your eyes out. Grace was recently named the most haunted item in the UK, which says a lot, considering the age of the UK and its countless haunted items. Nevertheless, it appears that Ms. Grace may just really be haunted.

It all began in April of 2018, when a group of paranormal investigators lead by Danny Moss, filmed sessions at Nantclwyd Y Dre in Ruthin, a historic house and gardens located in Wales and known to be haunted. The footage was for a British television show, “Paranormal: Captured.” They did indeed capture some very strange happenings. During the investigation, Grace was knocked off of a chair by an unseen force.

In the days following the investigation, the doll moved on her own when no one was around and began to register a periodic high electromagnetic field from an EMF meter. Danny Moss believes that the spirit of an evil witch from the 1600s attached herself to the doll while a ghost hunt was being performed at Nantclwyd y Dre in Ruthin.

Due to the strange occurrences that continued to happen, the group decided to conduct an emergency investigation and took Grace to Ye Olde Kings Head, a haunted British Pub. The goal was to see if there was a spirit attached to Grace, and if so to free it. At one point, a man asks Grace who she is. A spirit box, located near the doll, said, “Hanged them.” Later in the video, the doll is asked “Who is here?” She responds, “Secret.” When told to tell her name, the doll replied, “Within.” Finally, she was asked, “What do you want with the girl (doll)?” She responded, “Take.” Later in the evening, the doll was asked, “Where did you come from?” The spirit replied, Ruthin. If you’ll remember, Ruthin is where the doll was when the strange occurrences began.

After the emergency investigation, the doll was taken elsewhere and placed in a closet. Unfortunately, at times, a woman could be heard screaming from the closet, so the doll was moved to an underground basement. There it stayed for months, until it was brought back out for further investigation. This time, the doll was brought to Tatton Old Hall, where Grace continued to amaze. During a questioning session, the doll is asked what she is. The response said, “Evil.” She is then asked to tell where she is. The response is “Tatton.” During further questioning, the doll says, “Curse you, release me, and hang them.”

In February of 2019, the doll was again brought out for a public investigation. When asked, what’s in the house, she responds, “It is blasphemy.” Strange knocks could be heard from the glass case in which Grace resided. At one point she was left alone in a room, during which time more knocking can be heard, even though no one else is in the room.

In July, Grace was brought out again for a session, during which she did not disappoint. Although we at Darktides.net could not find a working video of the session, Danny Moss claims that the doll (through the spirit box) said, “I want to burn your eyes out,” when questioned as to what she wanted. It should also be mentioned that when the doll responds to questions, her voice is always the same.

Grace is now kept at Tatton Old Hall in Cheshire England, where she resides in a glass box, for protection. Mr. Moss said, “Before we put it in the box there was always a strong electromagnetic force around it and at Nantclwyd y Dre when we drew chalk around it we noticed it had moved slightly so if it can move, what else can it do? We’ve had the room erupt in screams of terror before and we’ve had lots of skeptical people admit they just can’t explain it. Seeing is believing.” “People may be skeptical and say our Grace doll findings are fake but we have caught them in real time and I’ll admit even I was never a big believer but this item is just amazing.” He went on to say, “Seeing is believing.”