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Greys Visit New York City to Promote The X-Files

Nobody loves a good alien prank more than me, but the folks over at the X-Files must really do. They assembled a talented special effects team to create a prosthetic alien arm to grab at unsuspecting New Yorkers. Fun joke, but we’ve all seen even better around the web and you know show executives won’t be outdone.

Next the team moves to install an animatronic torso of a grey alien. As unsuspecting grandma takes a sip of coffee and reads the dating advice column, BAM, out pops Mr. Grey from the top of the paper dispenser. The prank obviously makes a few pedestrians jump back, but most just find it funny and start taking selfies.

To wrap up the events, the film a team decked out Men in Black style to jokingly harass onlookers while a hazmat squad exits a vehicle and preps the prop alien for transportation. All this good fun to promote the new season of X-Files.

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