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Deceased Cat’s Spirit Caught on Video

A woman in Swindon England was shocked to see what appears to be the ghost of her deceased cat, Blackjack, lying on her sofa. The footage was captured last month via a petcam, and subsequently posted online. The clip begins with a  dimly-lit room inhabited by one living cat, who can be clearly seen frolicking around the room.  After a very short time, a transparent cat shaped object  begins manifesting at the  far end of the sofa. The live cat seems to be oblivious to the feline apparition. A woman  walks in the room, appears to look around, and  promptly exits the room. 

Suddenly,  the lights turn on and you can clearly see what appears to be a black cat-shaped solid object manifest on the  sofa. Blackjack, who was indeed black, died almost exactly a year ago to the date of the footage. According to the woman, there was nothing else black on the couch. Although she does not claim that the video definitely shows a ghost, she admits that she is not sure that it isn’t a ghost either.

Those who would debunk the video believe the object to be a simple trick of the light, whereas many believe this to be a real cat ghost. What do you think? Have you ever witnessed a ghost? Tell us in the comments below. Do you have any footage of a  paranormal nature? If so, please send it to us at paranormalgumbo@gmail.com. We would love to take a look at it.

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