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Buzz Aldrin Punches Conspiracy Theorist

The public seems to be chomping at the bit for any information on aliens and the truths the US government might be hiding. The man seen in the video, claiming to be staying at the hotel, begins to harass Buzz Aldrin on the street. He demands that Buzz to swear on the Bible that he did in fact, walk on the moon.

Buzz stares the man down repeatedly telling him to get out of his way, but the “conspiracy nut” continues to press the American Hero and questions his refusal. Buzz begins to backtrack and head back towards the hotel and it’s clear that even the camera crew are starting to feel the animosity in the air as the individual reassures his cameraman not to be shy and keep rolling.

At this point, the man is clearly afraid of Buzz retreating from the scene without even a reaction so he begins to goad him calling him a liar to his face. Well, no red-blooded American astronaut with as much renown as Aldrin is going to let anyone just get away with that. Aldrin comes from the old school, no doubt, a time before people felt justified to act horribly towards others for likes on social media. Buzz reminds the man of that simple fact with a swift blow to the face before his people rush over to start pressing him to enter the hotel.

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