/Bob Lazar: Just the Basics

Bob Lazar: Just the Basics

At best, Bob Lazar is a shady character. At worst, he’s a pathological liar with a blurry moral compass. Somewhere in between, a kernel of truth may just be hidden. In the early ’80s, he claimed to work for the U.S. government at an area called S-4. S-4 is supposedly located just a bit south of Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Lazar claimed that his job was to deconstruct an extraterrestrial space craft and figure out how it worked so that the Pentagon could reconstruct it. He also claimed to have been debriefed by the government on gray aliens. According to Lazar, they have been interacting with humans for the last 10,000 years, manipulating human DNA among other things. 

At first glance, it sounds like a scientist working for the government decided to blow the whistle. Bob Lazar claimed that he only told the story because he felt that the people had a right to know what was going on. So here’s this scientist who is sick and tired of the government’s cover ups and wants the people to know what is really going on, right? Not necessarily. Later, he claimed that he was fired from his job at S-4 and came forward so that if something happened to him, everyone would know the government did it. He made it clear to the government that he had sent letters out to various people detailing what he had seen and who was responsible if he went missing or died. 

His claims continued on. He said that he was a scientist with a master’s degree from MIT and had also attended Cal Tech, two very prestigious schools. The only problem is that neither school has a record of him attending. There’s no mention of him in yearbooks, no one remembers going to school with him, and there are no pictures to prove it all. In addition, he has never produced a diploma, which a scientist surely would have kept. 

The story just gets weirder from here. As soon as you think he’s just a liar, a little hint of possible truth comes out. He claimed that he worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a scientist. Los Alamos denied these claims, but George Knapp, an investigative reporter found Bob’s name in a phone directory from the lab. In addition to that, a scientist known to work at Los Alamos, Robert Krangle, admitted that Lazar did indeed work there as a scientist. 

If Bob Lazar did work at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a scientist, that just may be the smoking gun to prove that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Lazar claims that it was after he worked at Los Alamos that he got the job at S-4 as a propulsion specialist working on the space craft. If he had no education, how could he get the job at S-4? Well, there is no proof that this job existed. But it seems that there is some proof that he may have worked at Los Alamos. How could he get a job there without an education? This brings us back in a circle. Maybe he did have a degree from MIT. Maybe his educational record was erased. At this point, who knows?

As you can see, Bob Lazar is an enigma. He does have a bit of a shady past as well. He filed bankruptcy multiple times, owned a legal brothel (that he didn’t claim on his bankruptcy), and was arrested for buying into and helping to run an illegal brothel in Nevada. He pled guilty and ended up serving probation and community service. He married Tracy Murk while still being married to Carol Lazar. Carol died two days after this marriage. The company he owns, United Nuclear Equipment and Scientific Supplies was charged for violating the Federal Hazardous Substances Act for shipping restricted chemicals across state lines in 2006. The company was also fined in 2007 for selling chemicals and components used to make illegal fireworks. Lazar says that the charges stem specifically from the government raiding him just for harassment.

When it comes to Bob Lazar, nothing is easy and nothing is what it seems.