/Black Eyed Kids: Creepy Pasta or Real Life?

Black Eyed Kids: Creepy Pasta or Real Life?

 So lately one of my favorite subjects has become black eyed kids (BEKs). I know, most of you are saying, “Ugh, that’s just creepy pasta!” But maybe it’s not. I thought the same thing until I learned a bit more about them recently. I am a huge, huge fan of the Astonishing Legends podcast. They did a two-part episode on BEKs and it was, as all their episodes are, phenomenal. If you’ve never listened to them, go check them out right now. You will not regret it. What I really loved is that they had journalist Brian Bethel on to talk about his experience with BEKs. For those of you who don’t know the story, you’re in for a treat. His story is pretty much what propelled the BEK phenomenon to fame.  Click here to read the rest of the story: https://paranormalgumbo.com/paranormal-gumbo-blog/f/black-eyed-kids-creepy-pasta-or-real-life