/Bigfoot: The Sugar Junkie

Bigfoot: The Sugar Junkie

This depiction of Bigfoot appears on the group Bigfoot 911’s Facebook page 
SOURCE: Scott Davis/Bigfoot 911

A Shelby, North Carolina woman, Vicky Cook, reportedly has had multiple interactions with a group of Bigfoot since March of this year. She claims that a group of them walk through her back yard at night, but never disturb her belongings. They do, she says, sometimes leave a huge mess of crushed trees and shrubs, and big deep footprints. She believes they live near the Broad river, which is about a mile and a half away from her home.

Ms. Cook often leaves candy and cookies out for the group and claims that peanut brittle, chocolate, and peanut butter sandwiches are among their favorites. Unfortunately though, she reports that they don’t like apples or bananas. She says she doesn’t want the group to go hungry, so continues to feed them.

Although this has only been going on since March, she has already found eight Bigfoot prints. She says that they have three toes with one more digit to the side, more ape than human-like. Although this is not the typical footprint described by most Bigfoot historians, it is more common than one would think. About 20 percent of Bigfoot feet impressions have been found with three and four toes. Ms. Cook does plan to make a cast of the latest print and says that this is her ultimate proof that what she has seen is really Bigfoot.

One particular afternoon, when Ms. Cook went out of town, she forgot to turn her trail camera off and says it snapped a picture of a Bigfoot walking in the brush near her house. The photo is rather grainy and shows a large, possibly ape-like creature from a good distance away. It is difficult to tell if it is a Bigfoot or something else, which is par for course among Bigfoot pictures. She originally reported her sightings in the Facebook group Bigfoot 911. “Not a fake!” she posted on the group page. “Not a Bear!! This is the real deal.” The picture can be seen below.

Photo captured by Ms. Cook’s trail cam depicting Bigfoot.

Although she believes that the Bigfoot who left the latest print is probably a juvenile, she does believe that the creature is over eight feet tall. John Bruner tracks Bigfoot all over the country and runs the Facebook group Bigfoot 911, where Ms. Cook originally posted about seeing the creature. He said, ” It was huge. It was on two legs. It was bipedal. The hair on the head on the body was real stringy and matted-looking. ” So can we look forward to a better picture from Vicky soon? “The Bigfoot are able to blend into their surroundings,” she said. “That’s why they are hard to see! If I was to get a clear shot of a Bigfoot standing in the open … guess how that would go?” she said. “lol.” For now, she’ll just stick to feeding them sweets.