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Aliens & UFO's

Alien Abductions and Why It’s A Serious Matter


“You and your spouse are en route to your weekend camping enclave near Buena Vista, Colorado. Family and friends await your arrival. You have descended Kenosha Pass, a 10,000 foot high cut that leads toward Jefferson and the South Park Valley, when suddenly your eyes were drawn to a lighted object in freefall. You begin to shift sideward towards the desert floor, under someone else’s control. As if only a moment has passed you find yourself miles away, on a different stretch of road, with no memory of how you arrived there. Fifty-five miles has simply vanished. More startling, hours have passed in the blink of an eye.

You search your memory for a prosaic explanation. But you can think of no possible way you could have reached this location on your own. Eventually, you arrive at your destination and are met by frantic family members. You can offer no prosaic explanation for your tardiness. Months later, you awaken during the night to find shadowy figures with large glistening eyes in your bedroom. You cry out and attempt to flee, but a wave of paralysis sweeps over your body. Instantly, you fly through the air toward a waiting craft and find yourself stretched out on a table in a small, dimly lit room. As if only a moment has passed, you are awake in your own bed feeling perplexed and ill at ease.

You are sunburned, even though you haven’t been out in the sun, and find a puncture wound behind your knee that looks like a small section of flesh has been neatly scooped out. You feel unusually exhausted, but discover that you’ve developed new capabilities that you never imagined possible. You want to tell someone, but who can you trust?”

The above is an excerpt from Athleen Marden and Denise Stoner’s “The Alien Abduction Files” released in 2013.  Click here for more.

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