Dark Tides was started in 2013 as an AM radio program to run on Saturday nights at midnight.  After a year long hiatus it has reemerged in the form of an active Facebook page sharing stories, videos, comics, and other media related to the paranormal.  The mission of Dark Tides is to promote science fiction culture, paranormal awareness, and provide entertainment to our community.  We do this by bringing the latest in scientific news, paranormal phenomena, and soon we’ll be publishing our own forms of media.


The original radio program, started by two cousins, is now lost to history.  What started as a childhood dream matured into reality over chinese takeout one evening.  Months down the road episodes were ready to air and the hosts ventured out to the Roswell UFO Festival to promote the show and work to build a fan base.  Unforeseen circumstances after the trip left the show production in hiatus, where it remains today.