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Origins of Paranormal Television: Watch The Very First Reality Ghost Hunting Show To Ever Hit The Airwaves

Paranormal reality show lovers, meet the granddaddy of them all. From shows that take a more dramatic approach, such as Paranormal Witness, to shows that take a more threatening approach, like Ghost Adventures, In Search of was the first. Hosted by Leonard Nimoy, each show featured a different aspect of the paranormal. The amazing thing is that the show really holds up. Visually, it is quite dated, but if you actually spend the time to watch it, you’ll see that it was actually very well put together. The stories were excellent, it maintained a good balance between belief and skepticism, and Leonard Freaking Nimoy. Click the link to read a bit more about it and to watch an episode of In Search of about ghosts. http://weekinweird.com/2016/06/11/origins-of-paranormal-television-watch-the-very-first-reality-ghost-hunting-show-to-ever-hit-the-airwaves/?fbclid=IwAR3S6OgW73eTDAV_LZR6POsAvy2R8cwMHoI4dL_DXn7vUd1ozN6S4VFmUvE

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