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Aliens & UFO's

New UFO Sighting Near Pascagoula, MS

Moss Point, MS

Wednesday, Sept 10, 2018 at around 8pm, my family was driving home from having dinner at San Miguel’s going over Moss Point bridge heading back to Pascagoula. As we were passing the big bridge, my husband and 2 kids notice something up in the sky shining with lights. Clear white and flashing lights. It was 8 objects, best way to describe the tubes (straws) completely lit up, but also each had maybe 4 flashing lights.

They were all touching seem to be one object but then a few seconds split away from each other turn into circular shapes, then completely lit like a red/orange color. Splitting away from each other changing into a circular shape, then floating close to each other. Flying away and also turning all visual lights off.

I have never seen anything like it in my life and it really made my blood drop. I am not a believer and never put thought into it but what I saw was something out of this world and made me scare. Sharing my story.

Imperial, MO

My wife woke me up at 05:40 ecstatic over something outside. We proceeded out to our driveway where we viewed a group of white orbs or lights moving in all different directions around one main orb or light.

The movement was from southwest and moved in a north to north east direction. At several points during the 15 to 20 minutes we noticed that the shapes change from round to triangle and then back to round. The smaller orbs,or lights, were moving erratically around the stationary or very slow moving center orb.

They moved at a very slow rate of speed in the direction of travel but the smaller orbs or lights moved extremely fast around the main orb or light creating the different shapes. It only disappeared due to the sun coming up.

Romulus, MI

Last night, 9/18/18, 1:00 am, my Wife awoke because our dog was crying and making noise as though she had to go outside. She got up to let the dog out at the back door. She said, as she opened the door and the dog went to go do her duty, a strange sound that resembled  heavy chains being clanged together began…

A light caught her eye as the object moved over the house going east. She saw the light was rectangular and had a twin on the opposite side. There were also two red lights as she saw the entire craft emerge from over the house. That’s when the object revealed itself to be triangular in shape. She watched as it moved slowly over an oak tree 35 ft from our garage. She could not make out detail, but the lights she said were sharp and rectangular. She could not tell if they extended beyond the craft like an attached wing , or if they were windows along the edge of the craft.

She said it was traveling slightly faster then walking speed .

She said the noise was not too loud but strange, like huge chain links being clanged together quickly! She said the dog got frightened and began whining, similar to when she first woke up my wife. The dog backed itself against the wall of the garage and started fear barking! Here’s the strange part. I got up at 12:30 and I had just gone to bed at 11:00pm. Same time two days in a row…

I’m a very light sleeper. Hyper alert individual. Any noise, I’m up like a lightning bolt…

Last night, I did not hear a thing, not wife getting out of bed, or my dog making noise? My wife is a very religious Roman Catholic background. She has not been a believer in the past but has had three experiences of this type of phenomenon since being married to me.

I wrote recently we had an experience over the house about two months ago when we both were awakened by a whirring noise, like a turbine over the house increasing in speed and power until it was gone in a flash.

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