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I Grew Up In Area 51

I’ve often wondered whether the Alien Abduction Phenomenon was really as well known in groups that are not particularly inclined to learn anything about this subject. You know the type I mean. There are scores of folks, some whom I know personally, who not only have never heard of, or have scarcely had a reason to hear about, Alien Abductees. They don’t read science fiction, they’ve heard of but never watched a Star Trek or Star Wars movie, and would generally regard sci-fi fans (they believe only sci-fi fans have alien abduction experiences) as having a screw or two loose.

They just are not into a genre even remotely related to this phenomenon.

I was recently at a friend’s birthday party when my wife spilled the beans that I was writing a book called, “I was Once Abducted by Aliens, but They Threw Me Back.” The room suddenly went silent and all eyes were on me. So, I took advantage of that unpleasant pause in the conversation to begin my diatribe, based mostly on the evidence I was finding for the book, on alien abduction. When I conveyed my personal experience with UFO’s and Aliens, that’s when their stories began flowing faster than the beer and margaritas.

I was surprised that the subject, and mind you these were not sci-fi folks, was so readily accepted and that some of them had stories of their own or those of relatives who had been experiencers. Though you do read in the literature that some of those claiming to have had an alien abduction experience do have the basis of being versed in the paranormal and sci-fi literature, there are a lot of experiencers who have never in their lives picked up a book or watched a Discovery Channel program on UFO’s or Aliens. Many alien abductees were just going along in the humdrum of their lives trying to eke out a living, watching reruns of All in the Family and I Love Lucy, when they suddenly and quite unsolicited have a really bizarre experience which might be the result of something out of this world!

I have to admit my bias at this point. I do have a huge background in science fiction literature, science fiction television and movies, and any cable program that has this phenomenon as its theme. I not only watched them all but I am afraid I could give stage directions and quote dialogue for almost all of the Star Trek TV shows. That’s just how “into” this I am. So, that is definitely something a reader should keep in mind when reading my articles and my book, which I have finished and am currently editing.

However, my interest came a long time after I had become an Experiencer, quite against my will, at a very early age.

Though the first Star Trek series, of the Kirk-Spock era, began in 1966, I was unaware of this program until much, much later when I was in my teenage years. That was mainly because we had one television during that time and my parents would never in a million years have allowed something so vapid (their view of sci-fi) into the living room when there was Lawrence Welk and Bonanza to watch (I think Hoss Cartwright and Lawrence Welk were aliens). But, what sparked my interest in this UFO-Alien question, what would set me off on decades of continued interest, would be my sightings of some very strange events which included, but is not limited to, UFO’s, an alien entity or two, and at least two missing time events, one that took place in the sixth grade and the other during my sophomore year of college.

It would turn out that all these years of watching cable TV programs on this phenomenon would begin a slow process for me in connecting the dots, so to speak, that I had actually grown up in one of the hottest of the UFO-Alien Hotspots of the world-Area 51. And, the reason I grew up there is because my father worked in the Area 51 general area. He took the very same airplane, from the very same airfield, that all those working on back engineering of alien spacecraft and interviewing those pesky little grey aliens went to work.

We lived in Las Vegas but did spend a year in an even spookier placed called, Tonopah, Nevada, where my Dad worked on an even more secure, top secret area that was farther north of the main Area 51 site.

Long before Area 51 had become a household word in the vocabularies of Ufologists and Abductologists, I lived there. Long before there were cable TV programs on The History Channel or Discovery Channel dealing with this issue, I lived there. Long before the term, “Alien Abduction” became a worldwide phenomenon; I lived at Area 51 and had, while there, at least one encounter with some sort of entity as well as multiple UFO events.

There’s more to come…stay tuned!

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