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Dark Tides Podcast Coming Soon

From the beginning Dark Tides was meant to be a form of sharing news, stories, and media with scifi fans.  We’re currently playing with the idea of putting together a podcast to be available on iTunes streaming and downloadable here.  Right now we’re fleshing out who will be on the podcast and what sort of subjects we’ll cover.

Proposed Segments

Definitely want to keep our core basis on the front end and talk about alien related news.  Each episode will start off with a UFO report and short discussion on perhaps the validity of the claim and similar incidents.  Next, we want to talk about breaking news in science fiction, the latest paranormal incidents, and feature guests such as authors or paranormal investigators.  We’d have a cryptid of the show to introduce listeners to interesting creatures they may not have heard of before.  Last we’d review a book or film everyone had seen recently to give our opinions and offer recommendations to the audience.

If you’re a fan of this idea or would like to help with the podcast, send us a message.  We’ll be looking for guests soon so stay vigilant or become a specimen.

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