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Bob Lazar: Area 51 Whistle-blower or Master Manipulator? Los Alamos

We’ve examined Bob Lazar’s claims of an Ivy League education. It definitely seems as if those claims are not true. Even if the government had erased his educational history, there still should be some proof, such as a diploma, graded papers, pictures, something, anything that placed him in those great halls. So what’s next? Let’s look at his claims to work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Bob Lazar claimed to have worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the early ’80s, right before he worked at S-4. Until recently, I was sold that his history at Los Alamos was the smoking gun needed to prove that his story, at least in part, was true. Now I’m not so sure. It’s long been said that when George Knapp called Los Alamos, they told him they had no record of Bob Lazar working there. George however, was not deterred. He continued to dig and found a Los Alamos National Laboratories phone directory with Bob Lazar’s name in it. It did not have his job position in it though. So for all we know, he could have worked there as a janitor.

Then, a colleague came through for him and it seemed as if the mystery was solved. According to Jeremy Corbell, a man named Dr. Robert Krangle, who used to work at Los Alamos as a scientist came forward. He said that he remembered Bob Lazar working at Los Alamos. He said that although he did not work along side him, he often passed Bob in the halls. He had no proof or direct knowledge that Bob was a scientist though. He said only that Bob looked like a scientist, with a pocket protector and a generally nerdy scientist look. He did say that Bob was present in meetings that he wouldn’t have been allowed to attend if he were not a scientist. Although that does place Bob Lazar at Los Alamos, it does not prove that he is in fact a scientist.

Then, another piece of information was added to it all. Dr. Eric Davis, a noted scientist came forward to say that much of what Bob Lazar claims is a hoax. He said that he has a source at Los Alamos in human resources that confirmed to him that Bob Lazar did work there, but not as a scientist. He worked there as a radiation health monitor. And, oh, of course, this source is unidentified and cannot go on record. So now, we have one scientist saying one thing and another scientist saying another.

Now here we are again, back at square one. Who do we believe? Who is telling the truth? It is clear that Bob Lazar did work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, so at least we have clarification on one thing. It is not clear though if Bob worked there as a scientist, a radiation health monitor, or a janitor. As you can see, the deeper into the story you get, the more complext it becomes. We still have more claims to look into. Did Bob work at S-4? Did he see a gray alien in a room with scientists? Did he really work on an alien space craft? Was he really debriefed on the history of gray aliens and the human race? Join us next week as we continue to venture into the strange enigma that is Bob Lazar.

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