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Aliens & UFO's

Alabama Couple Report UFO Over Neely Henry Lake

Gadsden, Alabama boasts a population of just over thirty-five thousand people inside the city, but with over one hundred thousand in the metropolitan area. Fifty-six miles northeast of Birmingham a Gadsden couple witnessed something unexplainable to them.

A quarter to nine on a Thursday evening in June, the couple looks toward the western sky where the sun had long past set. Within view is a bright light hanging in the night sky over the area where Henry Neely lake is located. The man and woman report watching the light for some time as it just lingered in the one spot until it suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye.

There was no audible sounds or anything else to indicate the object may have been a helicopter hovering over the lake. The event struck the couple as odd, but of no significant concern and continued on with a normal night.

The following evening, a similar, if not the same, light was seen again, but this time south of the couple. The bright light was described as being fixed and simply sat in its spot as the couple kept an eye out. With no explanation, but no apparent danger evident, the couple settled in for bed with the light still visible out in the distance, glowing through the night.

The couple decided to keep an eye out for anything else odd in the area, but when the evening came there were no lights in any direction. The UFO that had possibly moved from the lake to south of them made no more appearances in the following days.

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