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    February 8, 2020

    The Return of Hellier

    Hobgoblins, aliens, UFO's, Mothman, inter-dimensional beings, minor Greek Gods, Hellier season 2 has it all. If you watched Hellier season…
    October 9, 2019

    Thai Group Claims to Communicate with Aliens Through Portal

    Residents of Thailand are flocking to this Buddhist statue on a remote hilltop in Khao Kala in Nakhin Sawan. They…
    October 4, 2019

    Do Rh Negative People Have Alien DNA?

    Is the lack of Rh factor in some humans proof that aliens have manipulated our DNA? Some say that this…
    August 26, 2019

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 Whistle-blower or Master Manipulator? Los Alamos

    One of Bob Lazar's many claims is that he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories in the early '80s. When…

    Ancient Aliens: TOP 10 ALIEN ENCOUNTERS OF 2022


    America Unearthed: Tracking Down Bigfoot in Minnesota (S3, E11) | Full Episode | History


    True Terror w/ George Takei: 'The Mothman' | The Terror: Infamy


    COMPELLING EVIDENCE of Loch Ness Monster | The UnXplained (Season 4)



      December 29, 2022

      Bigfoot and Its Extraordinary Legend

      Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a legendary creature that is said to inhabit the forests of North America. For…
      December 28, 2022

      Legend of The Jersey Devil

      The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature that is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens region of New Jersey in…
      August 16, 2020

      Retired Scottish Firefighter Spots Loch Ness Monster

      Retired Scottish firefighter and forestry worker Ross MacAulay was driving on a road about 200 feet above Loch Ness when…
      July 9, 2020

      Get Your Bigfoot on at the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference

      Everyone from skeptics to Bigfoot enthusiasts will mingle and discuss their viewpoints and evidence. The star attraction though is the…
      June 24, 2020

      German Egyptologist Claims to Have Decoded the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

      Dr. Rainer Hannig from the Roemer -und Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim, Germany believes that after years of work, he has…
      June 23, 2020

      Deceased Cat’s Spirit Caught on Video

      A woman in Swindon England was shocked to see what appears to be the ghost of her deceased cat, Blackjack,…
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